Business Micros Launches Trade-In Plan

Posted on 15 April 2011

Category: latest

So confident is Business Micros that its software is the best on the market that it is offering customers the chance to trade-in their existing software when they switch to Evolution or EvoNet.

Customers who choose the market leading Business Micros products will receive a trade-in allowance for their old software, regardless of which competitor it was originally supplied by.

Graeme Bailey, Managing Director of Business Micros, says:  “One of the final obstacles for many customers when they decide to switch to our software is a reluctance to lose the value of the investments they have previously made, even if that software is no longer appropriate for their needs.

“We’re giving them a way to overcome that by offering a trade-in allowance for any competitors’ software so that they can recover at least a portion of that investment.

“It’s a real incentive for those fabricators who recognise that they could benefit from using Evolution for their manufacturing and costing and as a platform for the EvoNet management information software. 

“They don’t need to worry about any technical issues around switching either because our team will carry out the installation of Evolution or EvoNet and ensure that there is a smooth transition from the old software to the new.

“The trade-in plan is available to allUKfabricators, regardless of whether they have been Business Micros customers in the past.”

Business Micros is enjoying a period of sustained growth, with sales in the past six months up nearly 5% over the same period in 2009/10. The company estimates that around 70% of PVC-U fabricators now use its software and it is one of the most secure businesses in the industry with a credit rating of 97% following the filing of its last set of company accounts.

Fabricators can receive a trade-in quotation from Business Micros by contacting the Warringtonsales office on: 01925 422955 or via: