33 Years Of Software Success For Business Micros

Posted on 25 November 2012

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Business Micros has just announced another very healthy set of figures for the year 2011/12 as the industry’s leading software supplier continues to see sales volumes increase and costs fall.

The company has never made a loss in any of its 33 years of trading and this year’s figures were stronger than ever.

Sales were 3% up on 2010/11 and costs were 4% lower, delivering the kind of robust performance which gives customers relying on Business Micros software complete reassurance that the company is secure and well resourced.

During the year, Business Micros has made significant investments in new product innovation, developing a soon to be launched replacement for its EvoWEB and EvoCITE online ordering and order tracking systems, as well as new ordering portals for patio, composite and panel doors.

It has also developed cross browser compatibility with the latest mobile technology to enable customers to interact with their software platforms via tablets and smartphones.

As it seeks to strengthen its overseas operation, it has appointed a new employee in the burgeoning Indian market and has also won major new contracts in its established Australian market.

Graeme Bailey, Managing Director of Business Micros is pleased with the company’s performance.  He says:  “Closer analysis of our figures shows that sales numbers are slightly down but sales values are up indicating that there are fewer, stronger customers investing more in their businesses.

“This is absolutely in line with our expectations.  In fact, our figures were within 1% of our budget target for the year indicating just how closely we work with our customers and how accurately we can track and predict their buying patterns.”

Business Micros has almost 2,000 customers in the PVC-U sector, and with such a large volume and such a broad spread across fabrication and installation, its performance can actually be viewed as quite an accurate barometer of the performance of the industry as a whole.

There are, for example, interesting details in its figures which show how customers are increasingly willing to make investments despite the tough economic times.

For example, there has been a 10% rise in the number of customers migrating from the ageing WinStar software programme to the Evolution platform and a 17% rise in the number of bigger customers investing in the EvoNet business management software.

Graeme Bailey adds:  “Our performance reflects the positive way in which so many customers have responded to the recession – by focusing on the efficiencies which improved software can bring to their businesses and being willing to invest in software solutions which will help give them a competitive edge.”

An excellent example of this is the significant success which Business Micros has enjoyed this year with its new Project Management Service – shortlisted in the G12 Awards for the Customer Care Initiative of the Year.

This service allows customers to ‘buy’ the services of one of Business Micros’ highly skilled and experienced Project Management team for a fixed number of days per month.

These dedicated Project Managers provide bespoke programming, reporting, training, development and advice and act as an extension to a customer’s in house IT department.  Their objective is to help customers leverage maximum competitive advantage from their software set up and feedback from big name fabricators has so far been universally positive as they have analysed the potential payback from their investment.

Graeme concludes:  “Looking ahead, we are extremely confident.  We have come through the recession alongside the vast majority of our customers leaner and fitter than ever.

“We’re now planning a series of exciting new product launches for both the short and medium term and we are continuing to focus on reducing costs whilst also delivering growth.”

The company has just launched a new website at www.businessmicros.co.uk which contains details and demonstrations of its complete range of software solutions.