Business Micros reveals its vision for the future

Posted on 13 September 2011

Category: latest

Over the past year, Business Micros has spoken a great deal in the press about its success overseas as manufacturers in emerging PVC-U markets choose its proven software programmes to help establish and grow their businesses.

However, Business Micros’ core focus remains theUKfenestration market and any success which it does enjoy overseas is based on the ongoing success of its programmes here.

For this reason, the company today announces a major investment in new product development which will herald the arrival of the next generation of software for theUKwindow and door sector.

Business Micros has appointed three new graduate software programmers and one field support programmer to work alongside Technical Director Jim Cronie on a completely new software solution.  It has also appointed two additional support staff based at the head office in Penpont, Dumfriesshire.

This step forward shows that Business Micros is in great shape and clearly investing in the future for the market that it serves.  The new team will be working exclusively on new and innovative products which will take the company further forward and establish its position on the world stage.  The products will be even more user-friendly, easier to access and install and bang up to date with the fast moving mobile innovations in the IT sector.

Graeme Bailey, Managing Director of Business Micros says:  “The really big players in the technology sector whom we all aspire to, such as Microsoft and Apple, are innovation driven and successfully build constant desire and excitement around their next product launch.  They don’t just respond to customer demand but they create that demand and that is what we are aiming to do today.

“We will be incorporating the very latest technological advances into our new products and building a radical new software platform which will again outperform anything currently available and set a new,UKfocused benchmark for the global PVC-U market.”

Graeme says that the move represents a major investment for the company but one which he believes is essential if Business Micros is to retain its market leading position.  He says:  “We currently supply software to around 70% of fabricators in theUKandIrelandand a growing number in Europe andAustralasiaso it would be easy for us to rest on our laurels and just continue to maintain and update our current product range.

“However, in a software based business, we simply don’t believe that is an option.  As the market develops and new technologies become available, it is imperative that we respond to that and incorporate the very latest advances into our product offering for the benefit of all our customers.”

Financially, Business Micros is in a very secure position and has the resources available to invest in the programme and to allow its Technical Director to take a break from the day to day business to focus with the new team entirely on R&D. 

Graeme also states that the size and scale of this investment in R&D is a sign of the company’s confidence in itself and in theUKmarket and is a symbol of its ongoing commitment to the future.  With the appointments of James Hardy, Neil McQuillin, Akli Aissat and Stefan Janowski as programmers and Tanya McConnell and Lloyd McCulloch as support staff, for example, the company now has a staff of 40 in theUK.

Despite its investment in new projects, Business Micros is equally keen to reassure its customers that its existing software programming team will continue to provide innovations, updates and maintenance on all products on the Evolution platform throughout the development process.

This includes a new series of mobile apps which are also officially launched today.