Lancashire Trade Frames Marks Ten Years Using Business Micros Evolution Software

Posted on 25 January 2016

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In 2015, award winning fabricator Lancashire Trade Frames marked ten years as a user of Business Micros’ Evolution software platform.

A decade on, and a full 12 years after the two companies first started working together, the partnership between them continues to go from strength to strength, with Lancashire Trade Frames leveraging maximum advantage from the full range of Business Micros software.

Chris Bailey, Business Micros’ Sales and Installation Manager, even works at Lancashire Trade Frame’s Bury factory for two days every month to provide bespoke developments in the EvoNET business management system.

Since EvoNET was installed in 2007, the software has become an integral part of Lancashire Trade Frame’s whole operation, tracking products at every stage of production via barcode scanning, and fully automating all order acknowledgements to customers and suppliers without anyone even needing to press a button.

Lancashire Trade Frames is committed to using EvoNET to stay ahead of its competitors as much as possible.  For example, it is already working with Chris Bailey to add stock control to the system so that it can optimise its stock holding and automate ordering processes, and is planning to introduce live delivery scanning to customers.

Managing Director Mark Rowland says:  “EvoNET saves us huge amounts of man power and certainly makes us much more efficient.  It also eliminates the risk of human error in key parts of our operation, and it allows us to drill down into every aspect of the business to see instantly how we are performing.  It’s effectively our business dashboard and, in my view, the more we can extend its reach the better.

“The strength of our relationship with Business Micros means we are always keen to hear their ideas about how we can get even more from our software to drive our systems forward.  After ten years, their knowledge of our business makes them an increasingly valuable partner.”

Business Micros’ work with Lancashire Trade Frames extends beyond EvoNET of course.  It also supplies the Evolution manufacturing software used to fabricate 2400 frames per week, and the EvoWEB online ordering solution used by the company’s trade customers.

And, crucial to the manufacturing operation are the machinery links which Business Micros has put in place over the years, starting with a BJM machining centre in 2005 and most recently a new BDM machining centre added in February 2015.

Business Micros has always gone to great lengths to ensure that these machinery installations are seamless – traveling to Urban in Germany in 2008 to prepare for the installation of a new automated welder line and to BDM, also in Germany, to carry out preliminary testing on the machine before following it back to Lancashire to complete the installation.

On the BDM machine, the Business Micros software controls every axis instead of just the normal one x axis, so the demand on the installation and programming team was more than five times that of a standard machine.

The most recent project was the development of an online composite door designer for its new Strongpoint Solid Sense range which was introduced in April 2015.

Chris Bailey adds:  “We have proved time and again at Lancashire Trade Frames that we are an important partner in their business.  For instance, when they converted to the SQL server a couple of years ago, our team worked through the night to ensure that there was no downtime for their operation.

“We have been with them at every stage of their impressive growth and we have been delighted to be able to share in some of their success.  Our service to them might seem exceptional at times but in reality it reflects the level of service we aim to deliver to every customer.”