A Day at the Races for Business Micros

Posted on 03 June 2011

Category: latest

The team at Business Micros enjoyed a day at the Haydock Park races recently to celebrate another successful year for the industry’s leading software specialist.

More than 80 staff, families, colleagues and friends were treated to a four course meal overlooking the course and then enjoyed an afternoon of exciting highs and lows as they tried to back the winners.

Graeme Bailey, Managing Director of Business Micros, said: “The race day has very quickly become a fixture on our calendar and is a great way to say thank you to the whole team for their commitment and hard work.

“It is also an opportunity for staff from our programming and support office in Dumfriesshire, our sales and installation office in Warrington and our Business Micros (Aluminium) office in Tewkesbury to all get together in a relaxed setting away from work.”

Business Micros continues to outperform the rest of the software sector with rental contracts in particular exceeding targets and its ambitious overseas expansion programme delivering excellent results.