Business Micros introduces new bar code scanning device

Posted on 26 January 2012

Category: latest

Business Micros has made its delivery scanning solution even more user friendly with the introduction of handy new blue tooth bar code reader which can be used by delivery drivers in conjunction with any smart phone.

The Opticon OPN2002 device, which fits easily into the driver’s pocket, is easier and more reliable than a smart phone camera in scanning bar codes on frames and reduces the potential for errors and delays.

 Graeme Bailey, Managing Director of Business Micros, said:  “Although it is possible to use our bar code scanning software with just a smart phone, we have identified a solution for customers which we believe is even better. 

  “We’ve done extensive trials and testing of the device which shows that it works better than a smart phone – particularly when it is dark and wet - and feedback from the customers who have already used it is excellent.”

 The Business Micros delivery scanning solution can eliminate all the paperwork from the delivery process.  Drivers are equipped with a smart phone linked to a mobile web page.  Each time they make a delivery they scan the items being delivered using the OPN2002 device and the mobile web page instantly updates to tell them if that order is complete. 

 Any problems can be resolved before the driver leaves that customer’s premises and, once the customer is satisfied, he simply enters a personalised pin code into the phone to confirm receipt.

 Graeme Bailey adds:  “Bar code scanning is already a fast and efficient solution for deliveries which is very popular with customers because it takes away much of the risk of user error and reduces the associated administration.

 “Now with this new blue tooth bar code reader, it’s even easier and more reliable.”