At the FIT Show, Business Micros revealed that it is behind the exciting new Infinity brand which launched at the start of this year, bringing a new generation of affordable software products to the market.

Targeted primarily at companies working in the retail sector, Infinity products are all about providing smart and accessible IT tools which help to professionalise a company’s image while also making a big impact on its efficiency.

Sales Manager Chris Bailey said at FIT that, with Infinity, Business Micros is aiming to give all business owners the opportunity to ‘work smarter’. He said: “Infinity products help ambitious companies move up a league without spending huge amounts of money. They come from one of the most trusted names in this marketplace and one which really understands how fabricators and installers both operate.”

Before the show, Infinity had already released details of its Capture product which plugs into an existing retail website and allows visitors to design their chosen window or door online and then submit an enquiry direct. Quickly and easily tailored to match to each company’s individual branding and product range, Capture is intuitive and user friendly enough to be used by even the least IT savvy consumer.

It had also already launched Showroom which is an app that lets customers create a portable version of their own website to use in presentations when there’s no access to the internet and which homeowners can download for themselves.

At the show though, Infinity showed the real scale of its ambition. A virtual reality booth had visitors queueing up to step inside a virtual home equipped with a range of contemporary and traditional window and door choices created by the Infinity design and programming team. Equipped with a VR headset, visitors could wander from room to room choosing their preferred styles and colours from off a virtual shelf and opening and closing the products at will.

Chris Bailey explained that the virtual reality set up used the 3D window and door designs which had previously been created within the Capture product. He added: “It was a logical next step for us to create our very own virtual world to show off our design and programming expertise and really inspire visitors with what Infinity is capable of.

“Moving forward, virtual reality will be a key component of the Infinity range, both in how we demonstrate our own products and in presentations we create specifically for customers to use in their own showrooms to enhance their visitor experience, so we were really pleased to get such a positive response.”

At FIT, Business Micros showed that there’s even more to Infinity than cutting edge graphics and website based products though. The company was also previewing the third product in its new range which will be called Register. This is a product registration tool for fabricators to use, which enables them to register ever single frame they manufacture on a simple new software platform. A QR code mounted on the frame or an RFID chip embedded in the frame will link to a read out of all the relevant data for that frame – from when and where it was manufactured to the full warranty specification. It will be an ideal tool for the commercial market as well as for retail and means that, in the months and years to come, anyone surveying, maintaining or upgrading that frame will just need to scan the code to find out all they need to know.

There are several more Infinity products in the pipeline too, including a smart but simple new CRM solution which will be called Rapport, and a brand new Business Management tool.

Chris Bailey added: “Infinity products complement the existing Business Micros range and are designed to widen our appeal into the installer market in particular. We are investing huge amounts in product development and the benefits of that will be felt by all our customers.”