EvoSatellite is a remote quoting and ordering solution for your Trade Customers.

It streamlines the quoting and ordering process and also provides Trade Customers with the tools to enhance their professionalism, accuracy, and adaptability in their interactions with both you (their supplier) and their customers.

Self-Quoting Capability

Feature – EvoSatellite empowers Trade Customers to generate quotes independently.

Benefit – Trade Customers can swiftly and efficiently provide accurate cost estimates to their clients, reducing dependency on the manufacturer and streamlining the quotation process.

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Accurate Costing Information

Feature – EvoSatellite provides access to precise and up-to-date costing data.

Benefit – Trade Customers can make informed decisions, ensuring that their quotes are competitive and reflective of the current market conditions, ultimately contributing to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Professional Paperwork Generation

Feature – EvoSatellite allows Trade Customers to create professional paperwork.

Benefit – Trade Customers can present polished and branded documents to their clients, enhancing their professional image. This feature also saves time by automating the paperwork creation process.

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Effortless Order Submission

Feature – The software enables Trade Customers to submit orders directly to their supplier.

Benefit – Trade Customers can expedite the order process, reducing the chances of errors associated with manual order submission. This feature promotes efficiency, accuracy, and timely fulfilment of customer orders.

Flexible Pricing Structure Setup

Feature – EvoSatellite allows Trade Customers to set up and manage their own pricing structures.

Benefit – Trade Customers gain the flexibility to adapt pricing strategies based on market dynamics, promotions, or other business considerations. This feature empowers them to remain competitive and responsive to changing market conditions.

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