When Nick Bailey took over the role of Business Development Manager at Business Micros recently, he probably wasn’t expecting one of his first presentations to be at Dalton Barracks near Abingdon addressing a room full of army personnel.

But that’s exactly what happened when he was invited by SSgt Mundle & SSgt Hamblett to speak at 4 Regiment Royal Logistics Corps’ Leadership Day and give an insight into how civilian organisations like Business Micros develop their staff.

Nick was one of the few speakers at the event not from a military background, so his perspective on managing and empowering staff was particularly well received. He spoke about the supportive culture at Business Micros and the emphasis placed on empowering staff and encouraging self-management of time and responsibilities.

He said: “We obviously take a very different approach to leadership than they do in the army, but I think we work just as hard to identify and develop our talent. We also offer huge amounts of support and encouragement which translates into a high calibre team and long term retention of valuable staff”.

“The feedback from the army personnel who attended was very positive and I learned something as well from the other presentations which were on mentor-ship and understanding generation Z.”

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