The Business Micros Group’s TOUCH Vendor lead generation and quoting tool is seeing customer numbers increase, even ahead of the launch of the potentially game-changing TOUCH Portal version for fabricators.

Back in September, TOUCH Vendor added in live, automatic pricing for installers and the option to quote in timber, aluminium and PVC-U as well as lots more composite door designs; and the feedback from the market has been really positive.

Installers like the flexibility in the pricing, which Business Micros has added in direct response to what early adopters of the software said they would like to see. Once they have set up their own pricing grid, installers can now turn quotes round in minutes and add in as many bespoke extras as they like – from installation to skip hire.

They can have automatic pricing turned on or off depending on the enquiry, they can use it for complete orders or just individual products, and they can even opt to use the built-in supplier price request form if they prefer.

One particular feature which installers are reporting they like is the ability to add the TOUCH Vendor live pricing tool to their website designer, so that homeowners are price conditioned with a ballpark figure for their new windows and doors before they send an enquiry. In a market where lots of installers are struggling to keep up with demand, the ability to filter out potential timewasters is proving a valuable timesaver in itself.

Being able to quote in any material is also making TOUCH Vendor even more user-friendly. The software still gives installers access to the biggest range of PVC-U products in the market, but now it also lets them add in any other products they sell as well – whether that’s in ali, timber or composite doors.

There’s an in-built product library so, once users have set up their account, they just select the products they want to quote and sell from that library. Only the products they choose are visible to their customers and only the design options they offer are available in their window and door designer.

An extra level of control comes from the fact that TOUCH Vendor users can multi-source and request prices from any supplier, so they have useful flexibility to shop around when lead times are stretched and prices are rising.

Business Micros is keen to stress that users still have access to the complete library for their single monthly subscription and there is no limit to the number of products they can choose and no need to pay more for any of the new features.

Graeme Bailey, Managing Director of the Business Micros Group, says: “The real power of TOUCH Vendor will come into play when we launch the TOUCH Portal option with fabricator-specific datasets with our group of pioneering Evolution customers.

“Their installers won’t need to manage their own product ranges, max and min sizes or options. Instead, they’ll be able to use real data direct from their supplier while they are out in the field. Because it’s an end- to-end Business Micros solution, that data will come direct from their Evolution manufacturing software so it will be completely up to date.

“I can confirm that some of the biggest named fabricators in the UK are well on their way to releasing TOUCH Portal and empowering their customers to make the most of TOUCH Vendor. As soon as these go live, installers who are already using TOUCH Vendor will have the option of continuing with their existing set up or connecting to their chosen fabricator. It will be easy to switch and both options will be fully supported by the BM Group.”

TOUCH Vendor still comes with a month’s free trial. Installers just need to register their details at to access the demo and get started.