Marilyn Anderson, our Admin Assistant, and one of the most familiar voices to customers calling our Penpont support centre, has retired this month.

We may be working remotely at the moment, but the Business Micros family remains as close as ever, so we’re sending Marilyn our very best wishes and a promise that we will mark the occasion properly as soon as we can be together again.

Marilyn joined Business Micros for the second time more than 10 years ago. She had worked here in the early 2000s, before leaving to run a pub with her husband. She came back into the office to help us out for a few weeks in 2010 and fitted in so well with the team that she simply never left.

Responsible for a whole range of admin tasks as well as taking calls, Marilyn is renowned for her amazing organisational skills. These are evident in her personal life as well, building her own home with her husband in Penpont and taking care of her son and three daughters.

Marilyn has just acquired a Beagle puppy so she will no doubt be as busy as ever, even her retirement.

Happy Retirement Marilyn 😀