Dean Peake-Whitehurst is the newest member of staff to feature in Business Micros’ 40th anniversary campaign celebrating some of the lesser known faces who have contributed so much to its success.

Dean is a Technician based at Business Micros’ Newton-Le-Willows sales and installation office. He only joined the company in 2017 but has already impressed customers with his knowledge and expertise, even bagging a nomination for the Young Person of the Year award at the National Fenestration Awards. That’s hardly surprising, given that Dean spent the first five years of his career as a window fabricator himself, using the Business Micros Evolution and EvoNET software every day.

Now that he’s on the other side of the fence though, Dean says his insight into the realities of fabrication mean that he can understand the issues that customers face and can talk their language in helping to resolve them.

Most days, Dean’s role is a mix of onsite and remote work for both new and existing customers. He is involved in installing and implementing new software and helping customers with updates and changes. He explains: “I see my role as delivering on sales promises, making sure that the software does what customers need it to do to maximise their efficiency. They want to see real payback from their investment, and I work hard to make sure that they achieve that.”

Dean’s expertise is across Business Micros’ Evolution, EvoNET, EvoSatellite and EvoCite products and he has worked with the likes of Sliders UK, A Plus, Sierra Windows and Phoenix Doors. Increasingly, he is also the ‘go to’ man for setting up online ordering portals for customer websites and has become extremely fast at data set up.

After two years with Business Micros, Dean says he is enjoying being immersed in the software world while staying close to his fabrication roots. Like everyone who has been featured in the 40-year celebrations, he says that what he likes about the company is the fact that it feels like a family.

He adds: “We all work extremely hard and we’re never not busy, but this is a great team where everyone looks out for each other and everyone is focused on the same result of doing a great job for the customers.”

Looking ahead, Dean is excited about getting involved with Business Micros’ new range of Infinity products and is relishing the opportunity to help customers make the most of the additional opportunities they present.

More details on Business Micros 40th anniversary and on the new Infinity products are available via the new website at: