Pinnacle Windows is the latest PVC-U fabricator to be impressed with the level of service from Business Micros, following its investment in Evolution software, complete with a dedicated Avantek machine link.

The Northamptonshire based fabricator started out in 2019 with a different software supplier, but switched to Business Micros following the machine investment.

Director Byron Field explained: “The new machine prompted us to review our software package to see whether we were really getting the best value and the best support. We switched to Business Micros because they promised that they could improve both for us, and we have not been disappointed.

“The installation team were really fast and efficient, and everything was handled smoothly from start to finish. The support we have had since then has been outstanding, and we know that we can call the team at any time of the day and they will get back to us straightaway with a solution to our query.

“Now that we’re up and running, we’re finding the Evolution software to be much more user friendly with individual datasets for our Liniar products which we can easily tailor to our own needs. We’re just about to add the EvoWEB online pricing tool from Business Micros as well, so that our trade customers can access quotes from us 24/7.”

Pinnacle Windows was the brainchild of Byron Field and an experienced team of four directors. It aims to combine the professional ethos of the multi-million pound fabrication business where Byron had previously worked for 11 years, with the flexibility and personal service of a start-up. He added: “We are already fabricating around 100 windows per week and supplying customers across the UK. We have ambitious plans, so having the right software partner on board with us is key to our future development.”

Nick Bailey, Business Development Manager at Business Micros, commented: “We’re making waves across the software market at the moment with our recent acquisition of EDM and the start of the roll out of our Next Generation products. That doesn’t mean we’re neglecting our core business though, and it’s great to hear from fabricators like Pinnacle that, when it comes to products and service, we are still setting the standard.”

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