David Stockwell is the latest Business Micros team member to feature in the campaign celebrating the software company’s 40th anniversary.

Having been with the business for 15 years, starting as a technician and rising to his current role as Head of Installations, David is already very well known to lots of customers.

Almost all new customers meet David when he takes them through the process of installing Business Micros software and switching from their previous supplier, and he remains their key point of contact once they become part of the Business Micros family.

Based at the company’s Newton Le Willows sales and installations HQ, David manages the team of five installation technicians across the country and is an acknowledged expert in setting up EDI and CNC links.

He worked as a fabricator himself when he first left school so can relate entirely to the demands, frustrations and changing expectations of customers. He says: “Our approach is one of partnership. We’re always on the customer’s side and I particularly understand that time is money for them, so we put a huge emphasis on being as efficient and responsive as possible.

“Obviously in recent years, the pace of change has accelerated massively not just in terms of software application but also in how SMEs have consolidated into multi-million-pound groups and expanded the scale of what we do. We’re keeping pace with that though and relishing the challenge because we have the resources and the will to keep on investing.”

Like the rest of the team who have featured in the anniversary campaign, what David says he likes most about working at Business Micros is the close and supportive atmosphere, both inside and outside of work – although he points out that rarely extends to his regular rounds of golf with Sales Manager Chris Bailey!

He adds “Although the business has grown considerably since I joined, it still retains the family feel which it has always had. We do much more of our work remotely now of course but some customers still want us to visit and I really enjoy building and maintaining those relationships.

“It’s only when we see customer set ups for ourselves that we can see how they could be utilising the software more effectively and getting the very most out of what we do for them. We can all communicate instantly but I still travel a lot of miles on the motorway every month and that will probably never change.”

David is now looking forward to the introduction of the new Business Micros Infinity products including Capture, Showroom and the soon to be launched Register product registration tool. He says: “This is an exciting time for us and, following the great response we had to these products at the FIT Show, I’m enjoying working with customers to get them all up and running.”