Business Micros is signalling the imminent launch of its new game-changing TOUCH software platform with a raft of new appointments.

Jim Pears has been appointed TOUCH Operations Manager and Ian Cranshaw has joined recently appointed Dave Boaler in the TOUCH data team. All three have extensive industry experience and, having worked together previously at Aperture and Synseal, bring with them a formidable team spirit and understanding.

As TOUCH Operations Manager, Jim is overseeing the launch of the TOUCH platform, which will start in November with the release of the TOUCH Vendor installer tool.

He will be responsible for the efficient roll out of the TOUCH products throughout 2021 and for ensuring that customers who sign up for TOUCH get a market leading experience to match the market leading products.

Jim explained: “I’ll be using my background in project management, business intelligence and e-commerce to get the products delivered on time and give customers the kind of consistently reliable service which they can simply take for granted. They will have all the tools they need built into products like TOUCH Portal and TOUCH Business to communicate directly with the team here, and efficiency and ease of use will be our top priorities.

“Having worked in this industry for many years, I was very aware of the TOUCH project already and the huge potential of TOUCH Vendor for installers and TOUCH Portal for fabricators. This is a great opportunity to be involved with something really big and, with Ian and Dave on board alongside the impressive Business Micros team, I’m hugely excited.”

The TOUCH data team which includes members from both Business Micros and Group company The Consultancy, as well as Ian Cranshaw and Dave Boaler, is dedicated to keeping the datasets within TOUCH comprehensively up to date.

This is key to the success of the platform because all products quoted, ordered or processed within TOUCH use the same data from the moment of enquiry to the moment of manufacturer. End to end compatibility is what sets TOUCH apart from other rival systems in the fenestration market, so resources are understandably being focused around this team.

Graeme Bailey, Managing Director at the Business Micros Group, said that the new appointments reflect the strength and confidence in the TOUCH platform: “We’ve made significant investments already in the development of the products and now we’re making further investments ready for the roll out. We are a very secure and well-resourced business and we are prepared to invest as much as we need to in the launch and beyond.

“Jim has the complementary skills we need to keep on driving the project forward and he will have the full backing of the Business Micros Group.”

The first TOUCH product to launch will be TOUCH Vendor in November which will allow installers to use either generic or fabricator specific datasets to quote, order and generate sales online. More details are at: